Voucherify: Launch Personalized Promotions With Voucherify’s Free Plan

Voucherify is an API-first Promotion and Loyalty Management Software that helps launch, manage, and track personalized promotional campaigns like discount coupons, automatic promotions, gift cards, sweepstakes, loyalty programs, and referral programs.  Personalized promotions, gift cards, giveaways, loyalty, or referral programs are especially important at the early stages of growth.  Start-ups often struggle with customer acquisition, where launching personalized discount coupons, cart promotions or gift cards can be crucial to luring new customers. Over 79% of US

Podcasting Continues to Grow in Popularity and Monetization

We’ve got about 4 million downloads of 200+ episodes of our marketing podcast to date, and it continues to grow. So much so that we invested in our podcast studio. I’m actually in the design phases of a new studio that I may be relocating to my home since I find myself either participating or running so many podcasts. From its humble beginnings in 2003, podcasting has become an unstoppable force in content marketing and

Why Small Changes in CPG Trade Marketing Promotions Can Lead to Big Results

The Consumer Goods sector is a space where large investments and high volatility often result in grand shifts in the name of effectiveness and profitability. Industry giants like Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Nestle have recently announced reorganization and re-strategizing to spur growth and cost savings, while smaller consumer goods manufacturers are being hailed as agile, innovative party crashers experiencing significant success and acquisition attention. As a result, investment in revenue management strategies that can impact bottom-line

Television’s Dynamic Evolution Continues

As digital advertising methods proliferate and morph, companies funnel more money into television advertising to reach viewers who spend 22-36 hours watching TV every week. Despite what the advertising industry rumblings might lead us to believe over the past few years citing the decline of television as we know it, television advertising is instead alive, well, and producing solid results. In a recent MarketShare study that analyzed advertising performance across industry and media outlets like

Are Celebrity Endorsements a Viable Marketing Option?

Celebrity Endorsement has always been seen as a viable option for companies to promote their products. Many companies believe having their products associated with a popular celebrity will help drive sales. Consumers seem unsure of their influence with 51% stating that celebrity endorsement makes little to no difference on their purchasing decisions. While the ROI on many marketing techniques is measureable – ROI on celebrity endorsements can be more difficult to quantify. There are many