Social Media For Social Good

83 percent of Americans want brands to support causes and 41 percent of people bought a product from a company because they knew the company was associated with a cause. As more companies and nonprofits are evolving into social enterprises (a hybrid of charity and business), many are counting on social media to help them succeed. We’ve shared some fantastic evidence of great cause marketing. I truly hope that it’s a segment that will explode

Non-Profits: Cloud-Based Fundraising 3.0 with Bloomerang

Nonprofit donor management technology has long been mired in drab UI, poor UX and high costs. Bloomerang is flipping the script. Co-founded in 2012 by 30-year nonprofit sector and technology veteran Jay Love, the cloud-based fundraising software helps nonprofits manage their pool of donors. Where Bloomerang differentiates itself is a focus on donor retention. While many nonprofit software programs allow fundraisers to solicit and input donations, Bloomerang also enables best practices for retaining those donors.

Nonprofits and Social Media Results

We’ve worked with several nonprofits over the years and it always seems that there are two kinds of nonprofit budgets… zero or tons. With both, I’ve honestly been surprised at how few have incorporated social networking and social media into their mix. Nonprofit leaders are masters at networking, but haven’t seemed to have discovered the opportunities to grow that network online. Research from the 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report shows that Nonprofits continue to

Causes: Charity + Facebook = WIN!

I’m not a fan of Facebook, that probably won’t change anytime soon. Aside from the ridiculous ads that won’t go away no matter how many times I ask (see screenshot below), Facebook is a closed system – they want all activity to happen within their platform. This is constraining… and lessons should have been learned from AOL and MySpace. In my book, Twitter’s relentless push for openness and integration will ultimately outlast Facebook and its