What’s the Best Time to Send Your Emails (By Industry)?

Email send times can have a significant impact on the open and click-through rates of the batch email campaigns that your business is sending to subscribers. If you’re sending out millions of emails, send time optimization can change engagement by a couple of percent… which can easily translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Email service provider platforms are getting far more sophisticated in their ability to monitor and optimize email send times. Modern systems

Wild Apricot: An All-In-One Paid Membership Platform

As organizations are looking to the future, one opportunity is to build out paid membership organizations. Associations, non-profits, foundations, clubs, sports groups, training groups, and chambers of commerce all require platforms to manage their digital presence, communications community, events, subscriptions, directories, and online stores. Wild Apricot has long been a leader in this industry, with an out-of-the-box platform for managing any paid membership style business. Over 30,000 organizations use Wild Apricot to attract, engage, and