Finally, It’s Time to Retire Your WWW

Sites like ours that have been around for a decade accumulated rank on pages that have sustained incredible traffic over the years. As with most sites, our domain was In recent years, the www has become less prominent on sites… but we kept ours because that subdomain had so much authority with search engines. Until now! Moz has a great breakdown of changes with 301 Redirects that Google has announced which are helping search-centric sites

It Really Does Matter: www or non-www

Did you know that www is really just a subdomain? It is. And subdomains actually garner their own authority with search engines! While www was commonplace throughout the world wide web, nowadays many companies are dropping it on their core site and just listing their address as That’s fine, but the problem is that most companies start up their site and you can get to the site with or without the www. If visitors

Amazingly New Email Design (Needed)

Here’s another email that I love to get, but usually don’t do anything with! This is the Downtown Indianapolis, Amazingly New Email. I stay subscribed because I hope that a new design comes forth – the information to promote downtown Indianapolis is all there, but the design makes the email unreadable and unusable. Here’s why: There’s no main link in the head information to the actual website for Indy Downtown Inc. Maybe that’s an oversight,