How Many Words per Post is Right?

Kudos to Indy Confluence for putting on a great networking event here in Indianapolis yesterday. Unlike most networking events, Indy Confluence led by Brett Healey and Erik Deckers, brought in a panel of folks here in the region to provide some value-added advice to all of its members. This month’s topic was Why is Corporate Blogging Critical to a Company’s Success and I was invited to be on the panel. The panel was comprised of

WordPress and MySQL: What’s Your Word Count?

There’s been some talk on blogs about the average size of a WordPress post. Some light has been shed that Search Engines will only weigh the impact of the first x number of characters, where x is currently unknown. As a result, anything after that is simply a waste of words. Image from Wordle! I’m rather garrulous with my blog posts so I’m going to do some additional analysis and see if the popularity of