Act-On: Purpose-Built, SaaS, Cloud-Based Marketing Automation

Modern marketing is digital marketing. Its broad scope spans outbound and inbound tactics, lead generation and nurturing strategies, and customer lifecycle optimization and advocacy programs. To succeed, marketers need a digital marketing solution that’s capability-rich, flexible, interoperable with other systems and tools, intuitive, easy to use, effective and cost-efficient. Additionally, 90 percent of businesses worldwide are smaller; so are their marketing teams. However, most comprehensive marketing automation solutions aren’t designed to meet the needs of

Your Sales Lead Follow Up Template

What’s your plan of attack on following up on sales leads? I’m afraid we often fall short… meeting with a prospect and then neglecting to follow up and stay top of mind. It’s a difficult strategy to get in place and a good reason to invest in a CRM and sales automation like our clients at Salesvue. MarketBridge is a company that specializes in bridging the gap between marketing and sales to improve a company’s

You’re Missing 3 out of 5 Elements on Making an Impression

I was in attendance for the launch party of Ex. Ex. Midwest, a print-only publication about the food culture of the Midwest. As I spoke to the team who created, there was incredible pride in both the content, the art and the finished product. The magazine was solid and you could feel the quality of the paper, smell the fresh print, and almost taste the food so richly described in the magazine. It got me

Tickle & Woo Your Prospects!

Many business to business (B2B) sales cycles are long and arduous. It’s a balance of keeping top of mind with a prospect until the purchase decision can be made and not bugging them and driving them off. I’ve watched some folks nurture leads incredibly well, and I’ve put “Do Not Answer” in my phone book to avoid the sales people that don’t. Research says identifying a prospect costs $443 while visiting one runs $596. Why

The Autoresponder Assembly Line

Your marketing cycle doesn’t necessarily follow your prospects’ buying cycle. Not only may your campaign be scheduled at the wrong time, it may not be optimized to provide the necessary messaging over time to turn a prospect into a customer. Marketing automation tools have become popular in the marketplace because they provide an opportunity to nurture a client at a time when the client wishes to be communicated with. Too many businesses let opportunities for

Marketing Automation Workflow

Neolane has developed this infographic as a fun way for marketers to explore the possibilities of marketing automation workflow. Customers take different nurturing paths and this subway analogy really works well to visualize them. Each subway line represents a different category of automation and include planned paths, behavioral paths, multi-touch paths, transactional paths and internal paths. The stations on the paths define many of the standard paths that your organization could utilize as touchpoints.