Somewhere Between SPAM and Creepy Lies Transparency

Recent weeks have been eye-opening for me regarding the data scandals reported in mainstream news. I’ve honestly been taken aback by many of my peers in the industry and their knee-jerk reaction and response to how Facebook data was harvested and utilized for political purposes during the most recent campaign. Some History on Presidential Campaigns and Data: 2008 – I had an amazing conversation with a data engineer from President Obama’s first campaign who shared

2012 US Election Content Marketing Strategies

Now that it appears the frontrunners are clear (my Libertarian son would disagree), it looks like both camps are settling in and the online strategies have commenced! The Whitehouse website itself has been transformed into one giant landing page for capturing email addresses, requiring the visitor to click through to get to any information: The Whitehouse has also been regularly releasing infographics… on the National Debt, gasoline prices, and even troop levels in Iraq. I’m

The Hazards of Herds and Tribes

There are a couple books that I’ve read that had quite an impact on how I felt about the Internet and with marketing as a whole. One of the books was Mark Earl’s Herd: How to Change Mass Behaviour by Harnessing Our True Nature and the other was Godin’s Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us. Much of the talk of herds and tribes is very positive… the leaders discussed (like in Godin’s TED video)

Branding and Iconography in Politics

I’m in no way endorsing a specific political viewpoint. This is obviously a video made by a very conservative organization that, I believe, exaggerates the extent of the symbology and intent of President Obama’s marketing and branding. There are some very unique comparisons of Bush versus Obama and Republican versus Democrat that are worth talking about on a Marketing blog, though. Click through for the video on Iconography and President Obama: I’d really appreciate it

In the Aftermath of my Huge Political Post

Sometimes I think that readers of my blog have really gotten to know me over the years. Yesterday I posted a blog post asking if Obama was the next Vista. Wow, what a firestorm that raised! The series of comments were so vicious from the left and the right that I refused to post many of the comments. My blog is a Marketing and Technology blog, not a political blog. My humor was intentional and