How to Fuel Sales with Curated Social Content

We don’t try to kid ourselves that we’re the best source of marketing and marketing technology across the Internet. We have great relationships with other sites and we promote many of our colleagues who have written amazing content over the years. We don’t look at every site as a competitor, we instead view them as resources for our audience. As we continue to grow our reach, we’re respected as a resource because of the value

2014 Holiday Social Media Marketing Trends

Looks like this is going to be a huge holiday season for Facebook, where 92% of marketers expect to spend the majority of their social marketing budget! In total, consumers are expected to spend 8% more this year than they did last year – $650 billion. And marketers are absolutely viewing social as a key source to extend their market! The 2014 Holiday marketing season is almost here! If you’re like us, you are already

5 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2014

Should we be surprised that social media marketing agency Offerpop has come up with five marketing trends to watch for 2014 — all of which show growth with respect to social media marketing? Consumers will become the content marketers. More social integration into traditional marketing. Linking email with social media marketing. More social commerce. More social media campaigns overall. While activity with respect to social media may increase, I’m a bit pessimistic about marketing efforts

The History of #Hashtags

If you’re new to hashtags, check out this Hashtag Guide. Some folks still cringe at actively implementing hashtags since it appears contrived and a bit irregular. I’m actually curious why platforms simply don’t hide the symbol and just add the hyperlink so that the text is easier to read. The same way when you type @ or + on Facebook or Google+… the platform hides the symbol but links effectively to the account you’re highlighting.

Offerpop: End-to-End Social Campaign Management

For brands, social engagement (and not the number of fans or followers) is the key to campaign effectiveness.  The best form of engagement, the type that would most likely lead to conversions, is voluntary engagement. Marketers can make that happen if they sync with the natural social behaviors of fans or followers rather than be something they are forced or obliged to respond to. Try Offerpop. This web based social marketing management tool supports the