What is IP Warming?

If your company is sending hundreds of thousands of emails per delivery, you can run into some significant issues with internet service providers routing all of your emails into the junk folder. ESPs often guarantee that they send an email and often talk about their high delivery rates, but that actually includes delivering an email into a junk folder. In order to actually see your inbox deliverability, you have to utilize a third-party platform like

ContentVerse: Document Management and Workflow Automation

Much of the corporate world is still using and deploying their content via Microsoft Office platforms. If you want to maintain version control of your documents and automate workflows, it’s nearly impossible without a good workflow automation tool and a document repository to maintain versioning while collaborating. Marketing agencies – especially with content marketing strategies – produce a ton of this content in traditional desktop applications. And operating system searches aren’t always the easiest way

Your Office, Your Address, Your Brand

Last summer I launched my business full-time. It’s been a fantastic journey with a few stumbles but many, many wins along the way. As a young business, I’m working hard to accomplish three things: Execute on our engagements by both over-delivering, completing it on time and under budget. This is a huge challenge, and one that we’ve not always met. With little resources, underestimating a single job can have a chain reaction so we’re working

Happy Birthday to Me!

ExactTarget is a great place to work! This morning my lunch buddies/co-workers/co-spouses surprised me with a well-decorated pod. Complete with birthday confetti (careful not to get any in my keyboard), Happy Birthday ribbon, an Expresso machine (!!!), Dr. Grip Gel Fine Point pen, Expo Dry Erase Marker with magnetic bracket and eraser on the tip, AND a “Tide To Go” Stain Remover (since I always return from lunch with a single drop of something on