What is Analytics? A List of Marketing Analytics Technologies

Sometimes we have to go back to basics and really think about these technologies and how they’re going to assist us. Analytics at it’s most basic level is the information resulting from the systematic analysis of data. We’ve discussed analytics terminology for years now but sometimes it’s good to get back to basics. Definition of Marketing Analytics Marketing analytics comprises the processes and technologies that enable marketers to evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives

BrightTag: Enterprise Tag Management Platform

Two issues that enterprise marketing professionals are constantly fighting online are the ability to reduce their site’s load times AND the ability to quickly deploy additional tagging options on their web properties. The typical enterprise corporation may have a deployment schedule that takes weeks or even months to get changes to the site. One of our enterprise clients integrated BrightTag‘s enterprise tag management on their site with incredible results. Their site was running multiple analytics

AddShoppers: Social Commerce Apps Platform

AddShoppers apps help you boost social revenue, add sharing buttons and provide you with analytics on how social is impacting commerce. AddShoppers helps ecommerce providers leverage social media to make more sales. Their sharing buttons, social rewards, and purchase sharing apps help you get more social shares which can then turn into social sales. AddShoppers analytics help you track your return on investment and understand which social channels convert. AddShoppers increases customer engagement by integrating

Is Adobe SiteCatalyst Losing Steam?

We’ve got a few clients on Adobe SiteCatalyst… but I’m not sure how many are really in love with the platform and how many plan on keeping it. SiteCatalyst, like other analytics platforms, limit the number of visits they’ll store data on – a huge disadvantage for anyone who is coughing up the big bucks for an enterprise system. And since Adobe swallowed them, it just doesn’t seem like the same company. I was curious

Google Killed the Google Analytics Star

Google, leading search provider and the horsepower behind the popular Google Analytics web traffic analytics tool, is going to allow users to avoid being tracked by their own tool.

Firefox 3 Review, Robots, Add-ons and Tweaks

It’s the second day with Mozilla Firefox 3 and I’ve already dislodged Safari from my dock. The browser is quite fast (I’m guessing until all my popular add-ons and a few security updates arrive). I believe it’s worth the upgrade and I can wait a few days until the add-ons are up to speed. Usability Improvement on the Button Layout The most noticeable change when you launch FF3 is the larger back button in the