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  • Advertising TechnologyHow to insert ad code halfway into a WordPress post or page

    WordPress: How To Insert An Ad Slot Halfway Into A Page Or Post

    If you’ve been browsing my site this week, you may see some ads that don’t quite fit right. I’m working on getting everything working correctly and have most of it corrected. I’m doing this to increase monetization on the site rather than being dependent on Google Adsense and clogging your view of the content with pushy and obnoxious advertising. One…

  • Ecommerce and RetailBillo: buy UGC product videos for ecommerce

    Billo: Boost Your E-Commerce Conversion Rates with Targeted User-Generated Videos

    User-generated videos are social proof that builds consumer trust in your product or brand. Trust is a critical aspect of driving a visitor into a customer. Consumers who viewed user-generated videos had a 161% higher conversion rate than those who didn’t. Yotpo Data Labs The challenge of acquiring genuine, user-generated videos (UGC) for product promotion is significant. Traditional advertising methods often fall short in…

  • Public RelationsPublic Relations Strategy Infographic

    What Does A Public Relations Strategy Look Like in 2023?

    The term public relations (PR) has its origins in the early 20th century. It evolved as a response to the need for organizations, businesses, and individuals to manage and improve their relationships with the public, including customers, stakeholders, and the broader community. The development of PR as a profession and a concept can be attributed to several key figures and…

  • CRM and Data PlatformsWhatConverts Lead Tracking and Attribution for Agencies

    WhatConverts: Lead Tracking and Attribution for Marketing Agencies and Their Clients

    Marketing agencies operate in a dynamic landscape where success hinges on data-driven decision-making. One of the critical challenges agencies face is accurately tracking and reporting on leads generated from their diverse marketing campaigns. If you’re in the leadgen business, you’d better have solutions in a place where both you and your clients can monitor the impact of your strategies. WhatConverts…

  • Advertising TechnologyRevealbot Ad Management, Automation, Optimization, Workflows

    Revealbot: Automate And Scale Your Ad Management and Optimization

    Managing ad campaigns across various platforms can be time-consuming and overwhelming, diverting valuable resources from other critical tasks. This is where Revealbot steps in, offering an innovative ad management platform that streamlines the entire process, allowing businesses to focus on achieving remarkable results and maximizing their return on ad spend (ROAS). Revealbot’s comprehensive platform is designed to empower businesses by…

  • Advertising TechnologyHow to improve programmatic advertising results

    4 Strategies For Improving Programmatic Advertising Results

    The introduction of programmatic advertising – automated purchasing and selling digital ad space – is one of the most significant breakthroughs in advertising. As most of us continually seek ways to increase our audience reach, every click, view, and interaction has become increasingly important. Programmatic ad spending soared to a staggering 418.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2021, and it’s expected…

  • Advertising TechnologyWhat are dynamic creative ad servers?

    Dynamic Creative Ad Servers: The Future of Online Advertising

    Online advertising is constantly evolving, and one of the most recent developments is the introduction of dynamic creative ad servers. These advanced ad servers are changing the way advertisers and publishers manage their campaigns, making the process more efficient and effective. In this blog post, we will explore what dynamic creative ad servers are, how they work, and why they…

  • Advertising TechnologyHistory of Digital Advertising

    The History of Digital Advertising

    Digital advertising has undergone a remarkable transformation since its inception, mirroring the rapid evolution of the internet and digital technology. This journey, beginning in 1969 with the public introduction to the internet, marks a series of innovative milestones that have reshaped how brands interact with their audiences. From the first banner ads to the sophisticated targeted campaigns of today, digital…

  • Advertising Technology
    What Are TAG Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG)?

    Understanding the Importance of Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG)

    Buying media online is not unlike shopping for a mattress. A consumer may see a mattress at one store that they want to buy, not realizing that at another store, the very same piece is a lower price because it is under a different name. This scenario makes it very difficult for the buyer to know exactly what they are…

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