Selling Online: Detecting Your Prospect’s Buying Triggers

One of the most frequent question I hear is: How do you know which message to use for a landing page or advertising campaign? It’s the right question. The wrong message will overpower good design, the right channel, and even a great giveaway. The answer is, of course, it depends on where your prospect is in the buying cycle. There are 4 major steps in any purchase decision. How can you tell where your prospect

Your B2B Strategy Should Include Ecommerce

Did you know that we’ve added a services shop on Martech? We don’t promote it a ton (yet) as we continue to dabble, but we are seeing more and more companies that just want up front pricing and don’t wish to work directly with a sales team to sign up for a product or service. It’s why we built out this portion of our site and we’re continuing to add products and services – from

How Trust and Online Purchase Behavior are Evolving

Within the last few years, online purchase behavior has changed significantly online. Having a trusted site continues to be a key issue involved in any transaction and so consumers tended to buy from only sites they could trust. That trust was indicated through third party certificates, online reviews, or even a local retail presence. As commerce continues to move online, though. 40% of Internet users globally – over a billion users – have made a