Don’t Bet It All On the Organic Strategy

Had a great conversation with one of our clients over the weekend who often checks in and asks for feedback regarding the site, analytics, and other questions regarding the inbound marketing strategy. I love the fact that they’re engaged, many of our customers are not… but sometimes the effort it takes in responding and explaining the reasons we’re doing takes away from the actual work itself. One key remark was that their only expense is

As I Tweet on Twitter with Snitter…

As I Tweet on Twitter with Snitter, I try to Twoosh. Twooshing with Snitter is easier because Snitter from Snook comes with Snurl. What the? What in the world is this new lingo? Here goes nothing… a while back I joined Twitter. Twitter is basically a universal chat room where anybody can talk to anybody (there are some privacy features). When you post a comment or response on Twitter, it’s known as a Tweet. Ridiculous?