30 Enterprise Social Communication Platforms

Online project management systems have evolved into social collaboration platforms, incorporating activity streams, tasks, scheduling, document management and integrations to external systems. This is an industry that’s progressing quickly and there are many players in the industry. We attempted to identify the top players in the enterprise social communication platform market here! Azendoo – Plan, organise, collaborate and track your team’s work from one single place. Bizzmine – Flexible workflow platform to simplify your business processes. Bloomfire

Writing For People Who Do Not Read

This week, I responded to a Facebook comment (ok… it was an argument) and the author immediately responded… “So we agree!”. It made me go back and reread his comment. I was embarrassed to see how terrible my comment was in response to his – I totally missed his key points. Later on, I found a comment on my blog that blasted me… but actually didn’t differ with my opinion that I had written. It

OSX Bug: Shrink an Image to 16 Terabytes?

This is a pretty cool (and ridiculous) bug I ran into today. I wanted to resize an image using preview from 140px wide to 100px wide. Preview wouldn’t ever save it when I clicked OK. I think I figured it out – take a look at the Resulting Size.