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  • Email Marketing & AutomationReasons Why People Unsubscribe and How To Fix it

    10 Reasons Subscribers Unsubscribe From Your Email… and How To Fix It

    Email marketing remains a cornerstone of digital marketing strategy, offering unparalleled reach and potential for personalization. However, maintaining and nurturing an engaged subscriber list can be challenging. The infographic we’re exploring serves as a vital checkpoint for marketers, outlining the top ten pitfalls that can lead to subscribers hitting the unsubscribe button. Each reason is a cautionary tale and a…

  • Email Marketing & AutomationEmail Campaign List - Journeys, Bulk, Triggered

    A Complete List Of Email Campaigns Your Business Should Be Executing By Strategy

    Email marketing plays a pivotal role in acquiring new customers, retaining existing ones, boosting customer loyalty, enhancing reputation, and upselling products or services. Here are several types of email marketing campaigns that can help a business achieve these goals: Acquisition Campaigns: The goal of acquisition campaigns is to attract new customers. These emails aim to make potential customers aware of your…

  • Email Marketing & Automation
    Email Marketing Metrics, KPIs, and Formulas

    Email Marketing Metrics: 12 Key Performance Indicators You Should Be Monitoring

    As you view your email campaigns, there are a number of metrics that you need to focus on to improve your overall email marketing performance. Email behaviors and technologies have evolved over time – so be sure to update the means by which you monitor your email performance. Note: Sometimes you’ll see that I utilize Email Address and other places,…

  • Email Marketing & AutomationPhotoshop Animated GIF for Email Marketing

    How To Make An Animated GIF For Your Next Email Marketing Campaign Using Photoshop

    We built an online dress store for a dress manufacturer that we branded and built from the ground up to bring a direct-to-consumer (D2C) offering to the marketplace. Their leadership is always working with us on collaborative ideas for the next campaign or strategy that we’re executing. As part of their implementation, we deployed Klaviyo for Shopify Plus. Klaviyo is…

  • Analytics & TestingHow to Track Email Conversions and Sales

    How to Effectively Track Your Conversions and Sales in Email Marketing

    Email marketing is just as vital in leveraging conversions as it’s ever been. However, many marketers are still failing to track their performance in a meaningful way.  The marketing landscape has evolved at a rapid rate in the 21st Century, but throughout the rise of social media, SEO, and content marketing, email campaigns have always remained top of the food…

  • Analytics & TestingCustomer Retention

    How to Improve Customer Loyalty with Digital Marketing

    You can’t retain what you don’t understand. When focused on constant customer acquisition, it gets easy to get carried away. Okay, so you’ve figured out an acquisition strategy, you’ve made your product/service fit into the customers’ lives. Your unique value proposition (UVP) works –  it entices conversion and guides purchase decisions. Do you know what happens after? Where does the user…

  • Ecommerce and Retail
    automated emails

    5 Proven Times to Send Your Automated Emails

    We’re huge fans of automated emails. Companies don’t often have the resources to touch each prospect or customer on a frequent basis, so automated emails can have a dramatic impact on your ability to communicate and nurture both your leads and customers. Emma has done a fantastic job in pulling together this infographic on the top 5 most effective automated…

  • Content MarketingB2B Online Marketing Playbook

    The Playbook for B2B Online Marketing

    This is a fantastic infographic on the strategies of every successful business-to-business (B2B) online system. As we work with our customers, this is relatively close to our engagements’ overall look and feel. Simply doing B2B online marketing is not going to maximize success and your website isn’t going to just magically generate new business because it’s there and it looks…

  • Analytics & TestingMetrics That Matter Pardot

    Marketing Metrics that Matter

    Pardot put together this marketing metrics cheat sheet that has been making the rounds. Today’s marketing analytics are powerful. Marketers have access to all kinds of metrics, from page views and numbers of fans to more revealing statistics involving leads and sales. With the growing transparency in marketing data, it’s easy to get caught up in data that – more…

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