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  • Sales and Marketing TrainingInbound vs outbound B2B Marketing guide

    Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing in B2B: How to Make the Best Out of Both

    Why do so many B2B companies kick off with outbound marketing? The answer’s pretty straightforward: quick results without blowing the budget. However, as businesses evolve, mixing in some inbound tactics seems to be the secret sauce for steady growth. In the ever-evolving world of B2B, I’ve found that it’s not about choosing between inbound and outbound. It’s about merging the…

  • Email Marketing & AutomationWhy Your Emails Are Going to Spam and Not the Inbox

    Are Your Emails Making It To The Inbox?

    You may not realize this, but an email that is delivered to the inbox or the junk folder is technically delivered. So, paying attention to deliverability rates doesn’t mean that your email actually made it to the inbox! An email is a formidable tool – often resulting in the highest returns than any other online medium… but investing in the…

  • Email Marketing & AutomationSmall business email marketing platform from iContact

    iContact: The Easiest Email Marketing Platform for Small Businesses

    Email marketing is vital for small businesses looking to connect with their audience effectively. iContact is a go-to solution email service provider (ESP) for small businesses, offering many features to simplify their email marketing efforts and drive results. Let’s explore why over 35,000 businesses love iContact and why you should consider it for your marketing needs. iContact is all about…

  • Email Marketing & AutomationImprove Your Inbox Placement by Increasing Email Engagement Signals to ISPs with InboxAlly

    InboxAlly: Improve Your Inbox Placement by Increasing Email Engagement Signals to ISPs

    Emails flood inboxes from every direction, and internet service providers (ISPs) are challenged to identify good senders from malicious ones. The challenge of ensuring your carefully crafted messages reach their intended recipients has become paramount. Amidst the complexities of spam filters, stringent algorithms, and shifting sender reputations, the struggle to secure a spot in the coveted inbox rather than the…

  • Ecommerce and RetailPostscript Text Message (SMS) Marketing for Shopify Stores

    Postscript: Unleash the Power of SMS Marketing on Shopify

    As e-commerce continues flourishing, finding effective ways to connect with customers and drive revenue is essential for online merchants. One strategy that has proven to be highly successful for Shopify stores is short message service (SMS) marketing. Let’s explore how SMS marketing works on Shopify, its benefits, and how it can help businesses foster stronger customer relationships and boost their…

  • Mobile and Tablet MarketingHow to write text messages (SMS) for marketing

    How To Craft Compelling Text Messages (SMS) That Drive Results

    When used strategically and respectfully, text messaging (SMS) can be a powerful tool for businesses to engage their audience, drive conversions, and build customer loyalty. SMS Marketing Statistics These statistics from SMSComparison highlight the widespread use of smartphones, the high engagement and response rates of SMS messages compared to email, the preference for text message communication, and the significant market…

  • Advertising TechnologyArtificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Marketing

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) And The Revolution Of Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is the core of every ecommerce business. It’s used to bring in sales, increase brand awareness, and reach new customers.  However, today’s market is saturated, and e-commerce businesses must work hard to beat the competition. Not only that—they should also keep track of the latest technology trends and implement marketing techniques accordingly.  One of the latest technological innovations that…

  • Email Marketing & AutomationWhy You Should Unsubscribe Today!

    Why You Should Unsubscribe Today

    Each week, Martech Zone delivers an email via Mailchimp that automatically converts our feed to nicely formatted HTML email. Only a few thousand subscribers take advantage of it – a fraction of our weekly readership. That’s okay… it’s a niche and feeds those who want it. I don’t try to artificially grow the list; it’s got excellent retention and does…

  • Email Marketing & AutomationEmail Marketing Statistics

    Email Marketing Statistics

    Email continues to lead the nurturing and retention strategy of virtually every business online. It’s affordable, it’s easy to implement, it’s measurable, and it’s effective. However, if organizations abuse this medium, it will have repercussions. Unsolicited spam is out of control and too many businesses continue to violate the terms of service of email providers and import lists. By doing…

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