Data-Driven Strategies Create Jedi-Level Social Ads

Star Wars describes the Force as something that flows through all things. Darth Vader tells us not to underestimate it and Obi-Wan tells Luke that it binds all things together.  Looking at the social media advertising universe, it is data that binds all things together, influencing creative, audiences, messaging, timing and more. Here are a few lessons to help you learn how to leverage that force to build more powerful, impactful campaigns. Lesson 1: Focus On Clear

How to Optimize Prestashop for Increased SEO and Conversions

Conducting business through an online store is commonplace these days with innumerable online stores flooding the Internet. Prestashop is a common technology behind many such websites. Prestashop is an open source e-commerce software. Almost 250,000 (almost 0.5%) websites across the world use Prestashop. Being a popular technology, Prestashop provides several ways in which a site built using Prestashop can be optimized for ranking higher in the organic search (SEO) and getting more conversions. The aim

How to Optimize a Knowledge-Base Article

While an article or blog post might flow like a short story, visitors seeking information love to see that information optimized in a consistent format. A reader of an article may carefully read through each word, each line, and each paragraph. However, a visitor seeking knowledge may wish to quickly scan the page and jump directly to the information they’re trying to find or learn more about. Creating a killer knowledge base might not be

Sailthru: Optimize, Automate and Deliver

We’re entering an interesting age when it comes to big data and personalization. Platforms like Sailthru can personalize the frequency and topic of the messaging you’re sending via mobile or email – and then personalize the content of the site that the user is landing on. I have been writing for a long time that the limitation of modern analytics is that it only raises more questions, not actual answers. Personalization platforms like Sailthru are

Addvocate: Identify, Amplify, Measure, Optimize, Govern

Companies don’t take advantage of the powerful force they have internally when it comes to social media. We watch all the time as companies employ 1 or 2 social media folks to manage a corporate social media presence. They work hard, they distribute great content, but they’re in their own bubble when it comes to promoting their content. If you want to really compete, why aren’t you leveraging your employees to help you promote your