Outsourcing B2B Lead Generation 2021: Top 10 Reasons to Love Outbound

If you’re involved in any B2B organization, you’ll be quick to learn that lead generation is an essential part of doing business. In fact: 62% of B2B professionals said that increasing their lead volume is the top priority.  Demand Gen Report However, it’s not always easy to generate enough leads to guarantee a quick return on investment (ROI)—or any profitability, for that matter. A whopping 68% of businesses reported struggling with lead generation, and another

Reply: Automate Your Sales Engagement With LinkedIn Email Search and Outreach

No one would argue that LinkedIn is the most complete business-based social networking platform on the planet. In fact, I haven’t looked at an attached resume for a candidate nor updated my own resume in a decade since using LinkedIn. LinkedIn not only allows me to see everything a resume does, but I can also research the candidate’s network and see who they worked with and for – then contact those people to find out

Your Outbound Marketing is Less Effective without Inbound Efforts

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for long, you know that the word versus often sends me into a blind rage. The folks over at SoftwareAdvice sent over a detailed article, Inbound vs Outbound Marketing: A Primer for Newbies or Switchers. The guide does an excellent job of walking through the strategies, differences, and even the tools of inbound strategies and outbound strategies. It’s seriously worth the read so go check it out.

Creating An Inbound Website For 2014

Every week on the Edge of the Web Radio podcast, Erin and I stress that the mistake that most companies have is that they believe their site is an online brochure rather than a living, breathing salesperson. When your site is producing great content that’s recent, frequent and relevant… you build momentum and help people to believe in you and your products or services. It’s also important to note that I don’t believe inbound is

The Premature Death of Outbound Marketing

The SBA estimates that 600,000 new employer businesses are incorporated every year. Not many of them benefit from a brand name like IBM or Coca Cola. In order to survive they have to hunt for new business. Even major corporations like EMC, Cisco and Hewlett Packard have huge teams dedicated to prospecting for new business in both their installed base as well as new potential customers. Without a process for prospecting and the associated measurement

Why Your Outbound Marketing Strategy is Failing

There’s a temptation by those of us in the inbound marketing industry to discount outbound marketing. I’ve even read where some inbound marketers have said that there’s no need anymore for outbound marketing. Frankly, that’s bunk. It’s terrible advice for any business looking to expand into new markets and connect with prospects they know will make great clients. If you have a well-known brand (as many bloggers and social media agencies do), it may not

Inbound Marketing Rising

The folks at Pamorama have done a terrific job with this infographic that provides insight into why inbound marketing is the optimal strategy as opposed to outbound marketing… from the consumer’s point of view. As consumers continue to flock to the Internet, the Internet marketing industry continues to evolve. In a two-way medium like the Internet, the traditional models of marketing are losing their efficacy, and new types of marketing are gaining steam by providing

Inbound Marketing Explosion

As an inbound marketing agency, we think it’s exciting to be agents on the front side of the incredible change in the agency industry. From vendors to designers, everyone is paying much more attention to the big picture of online marketing rather than working in silos or comfort zones. Working across mediums provides greater results… but it’s not easy! Marketing used to be about paying for your audience’s attention and trying to lure them away