How Do Outdoor Marketing Efforts Measure Up?

We often overlook marketing opportunities that are so visible we don’t go a day without seeing them. Outdoor marketing on billboards is one of those strategies. As with most marketing channels, there are specific strategies and opportunities with billboard marketing that others can not provide. And provided a great strategy, the return on investment can even surpass other marketing channels. Billboards can be highly influential for businesses in all industries. In this infographic from Signarama

Integrating Mobile into an Outdoor Advertising Strategy

Mobile Marketing is emerging and becoming more commonplace everyday.  Last week I was visiting family in the Myrtle Beach area and saw this billboard.  It was great to see a major attraction integrating mobile into their overall marketing strategy. Doug has a similar mobile integration on his site, you can text MartechLOG to 71813 and get an alert when he posts! I cut the shortcode out of this picture so no one would be tempted

Workaround for PCAnywhere Bug with Vista

I’ve seen no LiveUpdate or documentation on this bug, but apparently it’s affecting other PCAnywhere Vista users as well. Rather than wait for Symantec to come up with a fix, I figured out that the rendering engine, Winawe32.exe is causing the problem. Right-click on your taskbar and select Task Manager. Select the Processes tab. Highlight Winawe32.exe and click End Process. When warned, click Okay. Close PCAnywhere. Reopen PCAnywhere and you should see all of your

Download this Program We Built to Fix our Program?

Our clients utilize PCAnywhere for their support issues. I’m running Vista – so when I tried to load our licensed client, I was swiftly met with an incompatibility message and the installer quit. In visiting the Symantec site, they of course fixed the compatibility issue with an upgrade to version 12.1. The snag? You have to pay $100 for the upgrade. I have to have it, so I paid the $100. Paying $100 for an