Sendoso: Incentivize Engagement, Acquisition, and Retention with Direct Mail

Reading Time: 2 minutes When I worked at a major SaaS platform, one effective way that we used to move the customer journey forward was by sending a unique and valuable gift to our target customers. While the cost per transaction was expensive, the investment had an incredible return on investment. With business travel down and events canceled, marketers have some limited options to reach their prospects. Not to mention the fact that companies are driving more noise through

Rethinking B2B Marketing Outreach? Here’s How to Pick Winning Campaigns

Reading Time: 3 minutes As marketers adjust campaigns to respond to the economic fallout from COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to know how to pick winners. Revenue-focused metrics let you allocate spend effectively.

Showpad: Sales Content, Training, Buyer Engagement and Measurement

Reading Time: 4 minutes As your business rolls out sales teams, you’ll find that the search for effective content becomes an overnight necessity. Business development teams search for white papers, case studies, package documentation, product and service overviews… and they want them customized by industry, client maturity, and client size. What is Sales Enablement? Sales Enablement is the strategic process of equipping sales organizations with the right tools, content, and information to sell successfully. It empowers Sales reps to

How to Save a Struggling Content-Led Link Building Campaign

Reading Time: 4 minutes Google’s algorithm is changing with time and due to this companies are enforced to re-think on their SEO strategies. One of the crucial actions for increasing ranking is content-led link building campaign. You might have faced a situation where your SEO team works hard to send outreach emails to publishers. Then, your writers dedicatedly create content. But, after a few weeks of the campaign launched, you realized it has acquired no results.   There might be a number

GroupHigh: Research and Track Your Blogger Outreach

Reading Time: 2 minutes Colleague Chris Abraham wrote about a blogger outreach solution called GroupHigh. GroupHigh‘s online platform provides all the elements you need to do blogger outreach. GroupHigh enables you to find bloggers easily for your outreach campaigns through their real-time blog search and filtering interface. Data includes topics, localization, blog information, social accounts, fan and follower data, organic search authority (from Moz) and traffic stats from and Alexa. The platform allows users to find, track and