How End-to-End Analytics Helps Businesses

End-to-end analytics is not just beautiful reports and graphics. The ability to track the path of each client, from the first touchpoint to regular purchases, can help businesses reduce the cost of ineffective and overvalued advertising channels, increase ROI, and assess how their online presence affects offline sales. OWOX BI analysts have collected five case studies demonstrating that high-quality analytics helps businesses be successful and profitable. Using End-to-End Analytics to Evaluate Online Contributions The situation. ​A

Why Team Communication Is More Important Than Your Martech Stack

Simo Ahava’s atypical viewpoint on data quality and communication structures freshened up the whole lounge at the Go Analytics! conference. OWOX, the MarTech leader in the CIS region, welcomed thousands of experts to this gathering to share their knowledge and ideas. OWOX BI Team would like you to think over the concept proposed by Simo Ahava, which definitely has potential to make your business grow.  The Quality of Data and Quality of the Organization The