10 Facebook Strategies for B2B Marketers

Brandglue, a newsfeed optimization tool that helps pages rank higher with the Facebook algorithm, has provided insight using PageLever statistics on how they helped Eloqua grow their Facebook community by 2,500%. It’s a great presentation, walking through the use of landing tabs, sweepstakes, referral data, content, timing, etc. The resulting 2,500% increase in Facebook drove 150% more visits back to Eloqua. Nice work! The bottom line from Eloqua’s post on the presentation: Stop using auto-posting

Seth Godin Agrees with Me!

Ok, he didn’t say so in person, but Seth Godin’s words speak volumes to my topic of business and social media marketing strategies gone wrong.

Curious? You should be!

Click through to the video… What I appreciated best about Seth’s words were how much people continued to push back on him to try to push him into thinking their way – and he never did. I’ve been there. A lot.