VIRURL: Sponsored Content and Paid Social Sharing

We do pay for some content distribution and pay for ads off and on. It’s important to get our content in front of more audiences – and we find that high quality placement gets us some fantastic, relevant visitors who stick around. As Facebook ramps up paid promotion, Google continues to shrink the organic real estate, and search engines continues to battle tactics from SEO professionals that cheat, content providers are getting cornered to simply

Win a Wii from Noobie!

My good friend, Patric… aka Mr. Noobie, is giving away a Nintendo Wii! Patric has been a great friend of my blog over the last year and we’ve had many a cup of coffee with our friends at The Bean Cup. As excited as I get about the latest gadget or the newest technology, it’s important for me to remember that a good portion of the folks that visit my site don’t have a clue