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  • Mobile and Tablet MarketingApple Parody Video: Tallest iPhone Yet

    The Tallest iPhone Yet (Parody)

    It’s time for some fun! I genuinely enjoy a good spoof and love it when it’s targeted towards a company like Apple (of which I’m a total fanboy). Brand perfection brings the opportunity for ridicule, especially when it seems that Apple repeats the formula year after year… with groundbreaking features and the most powerful iPhone yet, announced over iconic background…

  • Marketing & Sales Videossocial media revolution parody

    Video: Social Media Revolution – The Parody

    We’ve posted the series of social media revolution videos based off of Erik Qualman’s Socialnomics. They’re insightful and full of staggering statistics on how social media is changing the way we live, work and communicate with one another. This parody is too funny not to share, though. People say that when you touch on the truth… that’s when things get…

  • Search Marketing

    Wrinkle-Free Suit Roll-up

    Here I sit in a hotel room in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our team is presenting to a company up here tomorrow and heading back to Indianapolis. I bought a new suit for the trip – it was on sale for about 70% off and I couldn’t pass it up. It’s chocolate brown – almost black – and quite comfortable. I haven’t…

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