Check Password Strength with JavaScript and Regular Expressions

I was doing some research on finding a good example of a Password Strength checker that uses JavaScript and Regular Expressions (Regex). In the application at my work, we do a post back to verify the password strength and it’s quite inconvenient for our users. What is Regex? A regular expression is a sequence of characters that define a search pattern. Usually, such patterns are used by string searching algorithms for find or find and

With Search, Second Place Is Just The First Loser

Some folks get real excited when they start seeing their pages begin to show up on search engine results. Too many companies don’t realize just how huge the game is and how much money is at stake when it comes to keyword ranking and the value of search engine placement. So… here’s an example where I can quantify the value of rank. Let’s imagine we’re a San Jose Real Estate Agent and we’ve got a

Impress your Web Visitors with real-time Form Validation

The first impression you usually have as a user of a Web Application is when you fill out a web form. I’m amazed at the number of web forms out there that have zero validation or that wait for you to submit your form contents before telling you what problems that you might have. My rule of thumb is that anything that is not validated is supported. Anything that can be validated prior to submitting