GoSite: An All-In-One Platform for Small Businesses To Go Digital

Integrations aren’t particularly easy between the services your small businesses need and the platforms that are available. For internal automation and seamless customer experience to work well can be out of budget for most small businesses. Small businesses need functionality that spans most platforms: Website – a clean website that’s optimized for local search. Messenger – the ability to effectively and easily communicate in real-time with prospects. Booking – self-service scheduling with cancelation, reminders, and

SpotOn and Poynt: POS Integrated Marketing for Small Business

SpotOn has already installed more than 3,000 point of sales and payment processing devices in restaurants, retailers and salons nationwide. They’ve partnered with Poynt to provide flexible point of sales terminals that enable retailers and restaurant owners to collect customer contact information and accept payments at the counter, or wherever customers are. POS Marketing Tools SpotOn’s marketing tools make it easy to implement a consistent communication strategy with your customers so that they will frequent

Visa’s Single Sign-On Checkout is a Winner!

Single sign-in has been proven effective across the board – either utilizing social logins to complete landing page forms, or now by using payment technologies to quickly convert a customer. Visa offers a single-sign on system called Visa Checkout that already has wide adoption. With rapid growth over the last 10 months, Visa Checkout has seen significant adoption and conversation rates. They’ll be kicking off some large co-marketing and advertising campaigns this summer. So far,

How Trust and Online Purchase Behavior are Evolving

Within the last few years, online purchase behavior has changed significantly online. Having a trusted site continues to be a key issue involved in any transaction and so consumers tended to buy from only sites they could trust. That trust was indicated through third party certificates, online reviews, or even a local retail presence. As commerce continues to move online, though. 40% of Internet users globally – over a billion users – have made a

Turn Credit Card Processing into Payment Marketing

Swipely offers companies a payment marketing platform. In essence, payment marketing is the art of looking for trends from the data hidden amidst the company’s transactions. With customer loyalty at an all-time low, it does make it easier to find hidden ways to connect with them using their payment data. Enterprises switching over to Swipely’s platform can continue to process payments as usual, while Swipely’s engine mines the data that comes along with such transactions