5 Considerations When Selecting Cloud Storage To Maximise Collaboration And Productivity

The ability to store precious files such as photos, videos and music seamlessly in the cloud is an alluring prospect, particularly with the (relatively) paltry memory in mobile devices and the high cost of additional memory. But what should you look for when choosing a cloud storage and file-sharing solution? Here, we break down the five things everyone should consider before deciding where to put their data. Control – Am I in control? One of

The Importance Of Collaboration For Marketers In Lockdown

A study of marketers and CEOs over the summer found that just five per cent had found no positives to life in lockdown – and not a single person said they had failed to learn a thing during that time. And with a perceived pent-up demand for marketing activity after the spring lockdown, it is just as well. For xPlora, a marketing and digital agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria, the ability to share design files