Guest Blogging – You’re Doing it Wrong

At one time, backlinks ruled the world of search engine optimization. When a site’s quality was measured in terms of PageRank, backlinks provided the much sought after votes that drove this metric. But as Google’s algorithm matured, a website’s rankings could no longer rest solely on the number of links pointing back to it. The quality of the site hosting that link began to carry more weight than the sheer number of links a site

Don’t become a Advertising Malware victim

The e-mail comes in. You’re excited. It’s a very high CPM deal from a major brand name advertiser. You don’t recognize the e-mail address of the sender. You think to yourself: “ Must be a small interactive shop that the major brand is using”. You send back an e-mail asking for their IO (Insertion Order) and start looking at your available ad inventory. You go back and forth with them, they are anxious to get