How the Symbiosis of Traditional and Digital Marketing Is Changing How We Buy Things

The marketing industry is deeply connected with human behaviors, routines, and interactions which implies following the digital transformation we’ve undergone over the last twenty-five years.  To keep us involved, organizations have responded to this change by making digital and social media communication strategies an essential component of their business marketing plans, yet it does not seem the traditional channels were abandoned. Traditional marketing mediums such as billboards, newspapers, magazines, tv, radio, or flyers alongside digital marketing and social

What is a Slogan? Slogans of Famous Brands and their Evolution

At DK New Media, our slogan is that We help companies meet their marketing potential. It fits a wide range of services that we offer – from product consulting, to content development, to online marketing optimization… everything we do is to identify gaps in strategies and help the companies fill those gaps. We haven’t gone so far as getting it trademarked, developing a viral video or adding a jingle… but I like the message it

CrowdTwist: Incentivize, Recognize and Reward Loyalty

CrowdTwist offers a white label platform, advanced analytics and complete suite of management and reporting tools to integrate, launch, manage, and maximize your brand-building efforts. We recently had a great interview with Irving Fain on Edge of the Web Radio and it gave us insight into a company that’s truly impacting enterprise cross-channel marketing and rewards. CrowdTwist X Factor Campaign If you wish to see how a well co-ordinated, national campaign is executed, look no

The Secret of Building Your Brand like Nike or Coca-Cola

In the American branding structure, there are really only two types of brands: consumer-focused or product-focused. If you are going to do any work mucking around with your brand, or you are getting paid to muck around with someone else’s brand, you?d better know which type of brand you have.

Dropping the Super Bowl for Digital Media

More and more businesses are embracing technology when it comes to their marketing strategies. When Pepsi pulled out of the Super Bowl, traditional journalists called it a gamble. Not advertising in the Super Bowl is a gamble? Really? A Super Bowl advertisement costs $3 million dollars per 30 seconds. Pepsi planned two 30 secoond ads and a 60 second ad… that’s $12 million. And the price went up over 10% between 2008 and 2009. Let’s