Personal Branding On Social Media Is The Most Dishonest Marketing There Is

Forget the diet and dating ads; I think some of the most deceptive marketing there is online are the very marketing experts that continue to criticize brands and preach transparency online. They’re anything but transparent. I’m at an interesting time in my life. My business is doing well, my personal life is great, and my health is getting better which each passing month. That said, our business and my personal life still have enormous challenges.

Personal Branding: How to Write an About Me Page

Andrew Wise has written a really in-depth article on The Ultimate How to Guide to Building an About Me Page that you should go check out in detail. Along with the article, he’s developed an infographic that we’re sharing below that covers tone & voice, opening statements, personality, target audience and other necessities. I love adding my 2 cents on these things, so here goes. I would really encourage you as a business or as

The A to Z Guide to Personal Branding

As I grow older, I’m beginning to figure out that a key indicator of my business success is the value of the network I keep and maintain. It’s why I spend a ton of time each year networking, speaking and attending conferences. The value that’s generated by my immediate network, and my network’s network probably makes up 95% of the overall revenue and success that my business realizes. That’s the result of over ten years

SEO versus New SEO

SEO is Dead. I said that well over a year ago and I still have some angry SEO folks commenting on the post every week. Google continued to squeeze our the SEO games that folks were playing to game their clients’ ranking – and many of them are still suffering the consequences today. Those of us that pulled our clients out of the fire early have done quite well. I have mixed feelings on this

5 Keys to Your Successful Personal Brand

I had a conversation with one friend today and got an email from another asking my advice on how to build their personal brand… and ultimately profit from it. This may be a topic that’s better answered by friend Dan Schawbel, a personal branding expert… so keep an eye on his blog. I’ll share my thoughts on what I’ve done over the last decade, though. Present yourself how you wish to be perceived – I

MC Hammer 2.0 and Personal Branding

If you wanted to research a celebrity who has been able to re-energize their career through social media, my first example would be MC Hammer. Everyone has seen the Behind the Music and rise and fall of MC Hammer as a pop icon. MC Hammer has effectively utilized social media to re-insert himself into modern culture again. If you’ve been hesitant at listening… don’t. He’s an incredibly friendly, intelligent and humble person – perfect for