Social Media and Myers Briggs

While we’re all unique in one way or another, Carl Jung developed the personality types that the Myers Briggs was later designed to accurately evaluate. People are classified as extraverts or introverts, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving. CPP has taken it a step further and applied it to social media platforms and users. Highlights of the results include: Extraverts use much more likely to use and share on Facebook. Introverts

Don’t Lose Your Voice

Dry. I received feedback from a couple of folks that our recent posts have been dry. I wouldn’t argue with that – we’ve been busy doing a lot deeper research on tools and features of late. It seems that the deeper we do our research, the harder it is to write a concise post that does the platform justice but still ensures your voice is heard. This friend of mine is an avid reader of