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  • Marketing ToolsEmerging Martech Tools for Digital Marketing Campaigns

    6 Emerging Martech Tools to Streamline Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

    Martech tools that streamline digital marketing campaigns are among the greatest gifts given to modern brands and marketers today. Not only can martech tools help businesses save time and money — but they also deliver powerful insights.  With this rich data, brands can refine their marketing approaches, dig deeper into their customers’ core needs, and ultra-personalize their messaging.  Stick around…

  • Mobile and Tablet MarketingArity Private Marketplace for Mobile Applications

    Unlocking Precision and Insight: The Benefits of Private Marketplaces

    Like it or not, marketers must get used to the idea of a cookie-less, post-Mobile Ad ID (MAID) future — and develop new strategies accordingly. Traditional audience targeting methods are quickly becoming archaic as tech giants like Google and Apple respond to consumer and regulatory pressure to bolster user privacy. Cookie deprecation in Chrome is on the horizon while Apple’s…

  • Analytics & Automated Messaging Platform Automated Marketing Messages that Convert

    You’ve got your customer acquisition funnel dialed in. Your retention strategy is all plotted out. And you’ve got a warehouse full of customer data. So why aren’t enough people converting, and where’s all that churn coming from?  Chances are, your marketing messages just don’t line up with your customers’ actual needs in the moment. And when they don’t see immediate…

  • Advertising TechnologyHistory of Advertising Infographic

    The History of Advertising

    Advertising, a cornerstone of sales and marketing, has a rich and intriguing history that dates back thousands of years. As we explore the evolution of advertising, we will uncover its earliest origins, its growth through different societies, its etymology, when it became mainstream, and how it continues to evolve in the modern world. The word advertising originates from the Latin…

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