11 Essential Ingredients to a Compelling Blog Post

Some of the best content you’ll find on the web happen when you’re able to take a complex process and simplify it. Copyblogger has done just that with this infographic on writing blog posts. Every aspect of the advice is to refine and polish the post to acquire and keep readers. There are some key before & afters, too… Before – write your blog on a well-optimized platform that’s aesthetically pleasing, encourages sharing, and provides

501 Copywriting Shortcuts by Amy Harrison

Amy Harrison, a copywriter for entrepreneurs and coaches, has been featured on the best copywriting blogs on the net. Amy has released an ebook for $17 that references of some of her favorite phrases and words as well as some words and phrases she noticed a lot of the blogging and copywriting giants using. The Copywriting Shortcut Guide Includes: 30 Ways to a killer headline – Here you get 30 templates (and suggestions of what