The History of Email and Email Design

44 years ago, Raymond Tomlinson was working on ARPANET (the U.S. Government’s precursor to the publicly available Internet), and invented email. It was a pretty big deal because up until that point, messages could only be sent and read on the same computer. This allowed a user and a destination separated by the & symbol. When he showed colleague Jerry Burchfiel, the response was: Don’t tell anyone! This isn’t what we’re supposed to be working

Advanced Reputation Monitoring for Email Marketers

We’ve written about 250ok in the past and they continue to enhance their deliverability offerings. Most large email marketers aren’t even aware that they can have very high deliverability percentages, but their email may be stuck in a SPAM filter. Deliverability simply means the message was delivered… not that it made the inbox. While other solutions in this space are expensive, 250ok is an affordable solution that offers even more capabilities – and today’s announcement

Stealing the Bait from Phishers

Have you ever gone fishing where you keep dropping your line and a few minutes later your bait is gone? Eventually, you pick up your line and go elsewhere, don’t you? What if we applied this to Phishing? Perhaps every single person that receives a phishing email should actually click through on the link and enter bad information in the login or Credit Card requirements. Perhaps we should absolutely overwhelm their servers with so much