Local SEO: What is a Citation? Citation Building?

Reading Time: 3 minutes A citation is the digital mention of a unique characteristic of your business online. It may include a distinctive brand name or product line, a physical address, or a phone number. It’s not a link.

The Identity Puzzle in Customer Data Management

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Consumer Identity Crisis In Hindu mythology, Ravana, the great scholar and demon king, has ten heads, symbolizing his various powers and knowledge. The heads were indestructible with the ability to morph and regrow. In their battle, Rama, the warrior god, thus must go below Ravana’s heads and aim the arrow at his solitary heart to slay him for good. In modern times, the consumer is a bit like Ravana, not in terms of his

4 Mistakes Businesses Are Making that Hurt Local SEO

Reading Time: 6 minutes Major changes are underway in local search, including Google’s placement of 3 ads up top pushing down their local packs and the announcement that local packs may soon include a paid entry. Additionally, narrowed mobile displays, the proliferation of apps, and voice search are all contributing to increased competition for visibility, pointing to a local search future in which a combination of diversification and marketing brilliance will be bare necessities. And yet, many businesses will

Without Call Tracking, Your Campaign Attribution is Growing More Inaccurate

Reading Time: 2 minutes We have an enterprise client that has several departments within marketing… public relations, traditional media, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, content development and more. Over the last year, we know that the traffic and conversions for SEO and content has doubled because analytics is properly integrated throughout the site. There’s a huge problem, though. Their marketing department utilizes the same phone number throughout all campaigns regardless of medium. The result is that anyone who calls