Be Selfish About Selfless Networking

This week I’ve had some tough conversations with some businesses that I care deeply about. They know that I care because I’ve taken them to task and am holding them accountable. My network is my investment and where I get the most return on investment. Technology firms I work with always get an earful from me. I always report problems, ideas and kudos to their teams. For every person that complains, there are hundreds of

PhoneGap: Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

If you’ve had any experience developing in multiple languages, aside from objective C, you’ll probably get the same reaction that this guy did: I bought the book and read it, watched the movies, installed the IDE and I still can’t bluff my way into an app that simply states, “Hello World!”. Thank goodness that there are some incredibly intelligent developers out there who recognize this and have come up with a great solution. Since most