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  • Marketing Remove Image Backgrounds Using AI Remove Image Backgrounds from Headshots, People, and Objects Flawlessly with AI

    If you’re not following Joel Comm, do it. Now. Joel is one of my favorite resources for technology. He’s blunt, honest, and incredibly transparent. Not a day goes by that I’m not checking in to what he’s discovered next… and he let everyone know about a new tool online, The tool utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze images with…

  • Artificial IntelligenceLuminar Neo AI Photo Editor

    Luminar Neo: Innovative Image Editing Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    We recently shared an article with 6 examples of how artificial intelligence enhances sales and marketing technology and one of the ways was photo editing. Many of the photographers that we utilize to do professional portraits, product photos, and other photos for our clients are experts at Photoshop and do an absolutely brilliant job. However, if your full-time job isn’t…

  • Artificial IntelligenceExamples of AI Tools in Marketing

    6 Examples Of Marketing Tools Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming one of the most popular marketing buzzwords. And for good reason – AI can help us automate repetitive tasks, personalize marketing efforts, and make better decisions, faster! When it comes to increasing brand visibility, AI can be used for a number of different tasks, including influencer marketing, content creation, social media management, lead generation,…

  • Advertising TechnologyQR Code Designer and Manager - Vector, PNG, EPS, JPG, SVG

    QR Code Builder: How To Design and Manage Beautiful QR Codes For Digital or Print

    One of our clients has a list of over 100,000 customers that they’ve delivered to but don’t have an email address to communicate them with. We were able to to do an email append that successfully matched (by name and mailing address) and we started a welcome journey that has been quite successful. The other 60,000 customers we are sending…

  • Email Marketing & AutomationPhotoshop Animated GIF for Email Marketing

    How To Make An Animated GIF For Your Next Email Marketing Campaign Using Photoshop

    We built an online dress store for a dress manufacturer that we branded and built from the ground up to bring a direct-to-consumer (D2C) offering to the marketplace. Their leadership is always working with us on collaborative ideas for the next campaign or strategy that we’re executing. As part of their implementation, we deployed Klaviyo for Shopify Plus. Klaviyo is…

  • Marketing Tools
    How to Find and use Font Awesome Fonts With Adobe Illustrator

    How to Use Font Awesome in Illustrator and other Applications

    My son needed a business card for his DJ and music production business (yes, he’s almost got his Ph.D. in Math). To save space when displaying all of his social channels on his business card, we wanted to provide a clean list using the icons for each service. Rather than purchasing each of the logos or a collection from a stock…

  • Marketing ToolsDroplr

    Is Droplr the Best File Sharing Tool Available?

    Box, Dropbox, Google Drive… with so many clients all utilizing different platforms, my client folders are a disaster. Once a week or so, I migrate all my client data to a neat and organized network share that’s backed up. Day to day, though, it’s been a disaster trying to locate and send files… until now. Our partner agency uses Droplr.…

  • Artificial IntelligenceVecteezy: Free Online SVG Editor

    Vecteezy Editor: A Free SVG Editor Online

    Modern browsers are doing a great job supporting the scalable vector graphics format (SVG). If you’re wondering what that gobbledygook means, here’s a quick explanation. Let’s say you have a piece of graph paper and you want to draw a bar down the page, filling in 10 squares. You fill in each square independently with a square sticker and record…

  • Artificial Intelligencergb cmyk image formats

    A Guide to Graphic Design Jargon

    If you’re the kind of marketer that can speak jargon and strategy, you’re probably doing a great deal of work nowadays. We speak to IT folks, developers and designers… and we often have to translate between all of them! Crafted is an award-winning digital agency who developed this beautiful infographic to help folks understand color models and file formats. With…

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