Piqora: Rich Analytics for Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr

Piqora (previously Pinfluencer) is a marketing and analytics platform for visual, interest-based networks like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram. Their suite incorporates engagement, hashtag, conversion and revenue metrics. Piqora works with many well-known retailers, brands, and publishers to identify and connect with influential brand advocates, gain actionable insights into trending images, and measure key engagement metrics to quantify brand engagement on these visual networks. Piqora’s image recognition-based algorithms enable marketers to track trending images, hashtags, followers

Pinfluencer: Marketing and Analytics From Pin to Purchase

Companies have found some incredible results utilizing Pinterest to grow their marketing reach. As with any social platform, Pinterest has its own marketing best practices, campaign opportunities and influencers. Pinfluencer is a marketing and analytics platform that integrates with your site’s analytics to provide you with return on investment data. They’ve also added a new Pinterest promotion platform that enables you to host promotions on Facebook, choose from multiple contest types and track reach and

What Are We Missing? Or Who’s Missing Us?

Robert Scoble asks, What are the tech bloggers missing? Your business! The post hit a nerve with me. Robert is absolutely right! As I read my RSS feeds on a daily basis, I’m tired of the same crap over and over again. Are Microsoft and Yahoo! talking again? Is Steve Jobs still running Apple? As Facebook continues to grow exponentially, will the ad revenue continue to suck? What is each founder of each mega-dot-com doing

Shut Up and Savor the Great Posts?!

This is more of a question for discussion rather than a comment. My experience with blogging is that consistency is everything. If your readers expect to have new content on a daily basis, they will return to your site on a daily basis to get that content. A good question is: How many times will a visitor return to your website to check for new content before they stop returning? I’ve been doing some testing