Curalate: Making Social Curation Work for Brands

Curalate is a platform that applies advanced image analytics to social media conversations to give you the most robust insights available for Instagram and Pinterest. They help brands strengthen their stories and turn pins, likes, hashtags, and followers into revenue. Features of Curalate Analytics – Curalate invented the ruler that measures your images. Top products being shared organically from your website, the most popular pins and boards within your Pinterest account, image-based traffic analysis, and

Pinfluencer: Marketing and Analytics From Pin to Purchase

Companies have found some incredible results utilizing Pinterest to grow their marketing reach. As with any social platform, Pinterest has its own marketing best practices, campaign opportunities and influencers. Pinfluencer is a marketing and analytics platform that integrates with your site’s analytics to provide you with return on investment data. They’ve also added a new Pinterest promotion platform that enables you to host promotions on Facebook, choose from multiple contest types and track reach and

We vs. You! Are you Tuned In?

After reading quite a bit of Tuned In, I was really intrigued by one of the questions posed by the team at Pragmatic Marketing. Is your website talking about your company or is it talking about your customers? Though it’s important to justify your authority in your space, it’s much more important for you to speak to what you’ve achieved for your customers. I posed the question on Twitter and it got some attention from