Video: A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest

I love infographics, so when I see a great video infographic I get even more geeked out. Pinterest continues to grow in the social sharing space thanks to its visual aesthetics, simple sharing and ease of use. We maintain a Marketing Infographics board there that’s quite popular and gets a lot of traffic back to our site. At times, Pinterest is one of our strongest referrers of traffic. Companies have taken note and are utilizing

Free Pinterest Marketing Guide from Brainhost

The folks from Brainhost dropped me a line promoting their new guide, How to Promote your Website with Pinterest and I think they’ve done a nice job on it! Here are 3 Excerpts from the Guide You Might Find Useful: Currently, Chobani yogurt, Dyson vacuum cleaners,, and even the famous Nike shoe brand have wildly popular Pinterest pages. What makes their pages or boards so appealing is that they are NOT used as sales