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  • Content MarketingWordPress Security Plugin from iThemes Security Pro

    iThemes Security Pro: The Essential WordPress Security Plugin for Self-Hosted Websites

    WordPress is a popular and widely used platform for building websites, but its popularity also makes it a prime target for hackers. A colleague of mine recently told me how a client on his server installed a malicious plugin that infected every WordPress instance on his server. After he spent hours cleaning out the malware, he launched the sites and…

  • Content MarketingWordPress Plugin to Share Content To LinkedIn Company Page

    WordPress: How To Automatically Share Your Content On A LinkedIn Company Page

    As a consulting firm that is trying to reach prospective business clients, LinkedIn is a critical social media platform for our organization. That said, we don’t have the marketing resources to manage a LinkedIn program for networking, commenting, managing groups, or promoting content on a daily basis. With that in mind, my goal is to simply take information like this…

  • Content Marketing
    Image Rotator Widget

    Add a Responsive Image Rotator Widget To Your Site On Any Platform

    Many years ago, I was disappointed to find out there wasn’t a simple way to rotate images in WordPress so I developed an Image Rotator Widget Plugin for WordPress. Over the years, though, WordPress advanced its capabilities and a ton of other plugins, page builders, new widget user interface, and third-party tools have surfaced. It wasn’t worthwhile for us to…

  • Content MarketingGravity Forms

    Using WordPress and Gravity Forms to Capture Leads

    Utilizing WordPress as your content management system is pretty much the norm nowadays. Many of these sites are beautiful but lack any strategy for capturing inbound marketing leads. Companies publish whitepapers, case studies, and use cases in great detail without ever capturing the contact information of the folks who download them. Developing a web site with downloads that can be…

  • Content MarketingChild Pages in WordPress

    WordPress: How to List Child Pages (My Newest Plugin)

    We’ve rebuilt the hierarchy of sites for several of our WordPress clients, and one of the things we attempt to do is organize the information efficiently. To do this, we often want to create a master page and include a menu that automatically lists all of the pages below it. A list of child pages, or subpages. Unfortunately, there’s no…

  • Content Marketingin flames

    When Disaster Strikes!

    The last 48 hours haven’t been fun. Technology is a fantastic thing, but it’s never perfect. When if fails, I’m not sure there’s really that much preparation you can have… but you do have to react. You may have noticed that our site was getting gruelingly slow the last couple weeks. It was strange given the fact that we have…

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