Where To Host, Syndicate, Share, Optimize, And Promote Your Podcast

Last year was the year podcasting exploded in popularity. In fact, 21% of Americans over the age of 12 have said they listened to a podcast in the last month, which has steadily increased year over year from the 12% share in 2008 and I only see this number continue to grow. So have you decided to start your own podcast? Well, there are a few things to consider first – where you will host

Fireside: Simple Podcast Website, Hosting, and Analytics

We’re launching a regional podcast recorded in our Indianapolis Podcast Studio but we didn’t want to go through the trouble of building out a site, getting a podcast host, and then implementing podcast feed metrics. One alternative would have been to host on SoundCloud, but we’re a bit hesitant since they came close to shutting down – no doubt they’ll have to shift their revenue model and I’m not sure what that means for everyone

Simplecast: Publish your Podcasts the Easy Way

Like many podcasters, we hosted our podcast on Libsyn. The service has a plethora of options and integrations that are quite overwhelming but highly customizable. We’re highly technical, though, so I’m confident most businesses would have a difficult time filling in all of the data necessary simply to publish a simple podcast. Often times, legacy platforms have such deep adoption and are so mission critical that upgrading their user experience is a decision that’s too risky