20 Ways to Get Your Content Ranking Better than Your Competitor

It surprises me how much hard work companies put into a content strategy without ever looking at competing sites and pages. I don’t mean business competitors, I mean organic search competitors. Utilizing a tool likeSEMrush, a company can easily do a competitive analysis between their site and a competing site to identify what terms are driving traffic to a competitor that should, instead, be leading to their site. While many of you might be thinking

How To Get Rid of that Pesky -2 Issue with WordPress Slugs

I hope I’m not the only one that this bothers, but I really hate it when I add a category on a WordPress blog and the URL turns into something like /category-2/. Why Does WordPress Add the -2? Your tags, categories, pages and posts all have a slug that’s defined in a single table where you can’t have any duplicates between the three areas. What typically happens is that you have a page, post or

Modifying Post Slugs in WordPress for SEO

At times when you do keyword research when blogging for search engine optimization, you may find that a high number of searchers mis-spell or concatenate words. An example might be USS Forrestal versus USS Forestal. Showing up in search results for mis-spelled words is a tactic that works quite well… but you may not want to blatantly mis-spell a word in your post title or in your content. Invariably, someone will point the mistake out

What is a Permalink? Trackback? Post slug? Ping?

I was in a fantastic luncheon today with some very intelligent marketers from all over Indianapolis. Every 4 to 6 weeks we meet to discuss a new (or popular) business or marketing book. It’s a great opportunity to get out of the office and out of the details and get back to some ‘big picture’ thinking. Some of the folks are print and media, others are Internet savvy. One comment I heard today confused some