20 Ways to Get Your Content Ranking Better than Your Competitor

It surprises me how much hard work companies put into a content strategy without ever looking at competing sites and pages. I don’t mean business competitors, I mean organic search competitors. Utilizing a tool likeSemrush, a company can easily do a competitive analysis between their site and a competing site to identify what terms are driving traffic to a competitor that should, instead, be leading to their site. While many of you might be thinking

How To Get Rid of that Pesky -2 Issue with WordPress Slugs

I hope I’m not the only one that this bothers, but I really hate it when I add a category on a WordPress blog and the URL turns into something like /category-2/. Why Does WordPress Add the -2? Your tags, categories, pages and posts all have a slug that’s defined in a single table where you can’t have any duplicates between the three areas. What typically happens is that you have a page, post or

Modifying Post Slugs in WordPress for SEO

At times when you do keyword research when blogging for search engine optimization, you may find that a high number of searchers mis-spell or concatenate words. An example might be USS Forrestal versus USS Forestal. Showing up in search results for mis-spelled words is a tactic that works quite well… but you may not want to blatantly mis-spell a word in your post title or in your content. Invariably, someone will point the mistake out