FISH: Capture and Measure User Engagement at Your Next Event

FISH supports brands, event organizers, and sports leagues, with an event operating system that enables the collection of consumer data, facilitates fan engagement at brand activations, and provides fans the ability to collect content, enter sweepstakes, and share experiences through social media. Whether it’s capturing data collection for marquee events, measuring attendee behavior at corporate events or monitoring consumer engagement in a conference, FISH can measure all visitor behavior. The FISH reporting dashboard provides immediate

Postano 2.5: Adding Creativity and Customization To Social Display Visualizations

We’ve written about the amazing social media command centers and arena displays powered by Postano, a sponsor of this site. Postano is the platform we utilize to curate our footer bar that displays posts of mentions of our sponsors in social media. Postano has continued to develop its visual marketing offerings in their newest release, quickly becoming a leading platform for displaying user generated content for sports, fashion, consumer product goods, entertainment, travel, and advertising

Postano Evolves the Sports Social Media Command Center

Quite a bit has evolved since social media command centers hit the scene. You may have read about them in sports when our friends at Radious developed the first social media command center for the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. Key to the command center were four goals… Safety – respond first to any safety-oriented issue or crisis. Service – respond to any negative dialog related to the city or event. Coverage – know what’s happening

The Best Marketing Mobile Application! Version 3

The incredible team at Postano has done it again, surpassing all of my expectations of a great mobile application with Version 3 of Martech. I believe it’s the best Marketing iPhone App out there (Android coming)! First up is the very slick redesign that incorporates a Facebook-like left navigation. It makes it simple to scroll and select the category or media you’d like to navigate to – including our Podcasts, Videos and Events – while

Best. Press Release. Ever.

We get piles of press releases in our inbox every day and I’m guessing that 99% of them are deleted at a glance. That’s not to say they’re not useful… we’re always on the lookout for a relevant chunk of news that will impact you folks in our community. The advantage of press releases are the efficient distribution… the disadvantage is that they’re typically poorly written and moreover – poorly targeted. When we asked Dittoe