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  • Artificial IntelligenceAskYourPDF: Read a document with AI and Chat with it (ChatGPT)

    AskYourPDF: Elevate Your Document Interaction with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    In a world where information is at our fingertips, how we engage with documents is changing. With the advent of AskYourPDF, your reading experience is no longer a passive one – it’s a dynamic conversation. Let’s dive into how this innovative tool can transform how you interact with your documents. A New Era of Document Interaction AskYourPDF brings your documents…

  • Analytics & TestingCRO Audit and Gaps - Conversion Rate Optimization

    How to Review and Audit your CRO Strategy for Gaps and Blind Spots

    It could legitimately be argued that Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an art form within its own right as far as skilled marketing departments are concerned. Optimizing conversions can fundamentally make all the difference between receiving traffic and seeing your flow of visitors perform the desired actions on-site.  For smaller businesses, it can be difficult to constantly ensure that your…

  • Content MarketingHow To Make Your Marketing Events Dazzle - BrandLive Virtual Events

    Virtual Events Don’t Have to Suck: Marketing Departments Can Make Them Dazzle

    We all participated in a lot of virtual events during the pandemic — every human interaction became a Zoom or Meets meeting. After two years of staring at screens, it’s hard to get people to tune into another boring virtual event or webinar. So, why are the best marketing teams investing in virtual events and webinars? When well executed, virtual…

  • Event MarketingHow To Set Up PowerPoint In A Window for Virtual Events

    How To Set Up Your PowerPoint Slide Show In A Single Window for Virtual Events

    As companies continue to work from home, the number of virtual meetings has skyrocketed. I’m actually surprised at the number of meetings where the presenter has issues actually sharing a PowerPoint Presentation on screen. I’m also not omitting myself from this… I’ve goofed a few times along the way and delayed the start of a webinar due to issues I’ve…

  • Content MarketingGreat Presentation Design

    Find the Center of Gravity for Great Presentation Design

    Everyone knows that PowerPoint is the language of business. The problem is, most PowerPoint decks are nothing more than a series of overstuffed and often confusing slides that accompany nap-inducing soliloquies by presenters. Having developed thousands of presentations, we’ve identified best practices that are simple, yet rarely employed. To that end, we created Center of Gravity, a new framework for…

  • Content Marketingcelum

    CELUM Advances Digital Asset Management

    We’ve written about the purpose of Digital Asset Management systems and their ability to help secure branding and messaging, provide a searchable engine for finding content, as well as a means of converting media types for use via different channels. Advanced marketers even utilize the systems to monitor sales and marketing alignment as well as sales effectiveness. While many other…

  • Sales Enablement
    Depositphotos 2443454 m 2015

    4 Ways Your Presentation Management Strategy – or Lack Thereof – is Wasting Time, Resources and Business

    Can you help me put this presentation together? My meeting’s in an hour. I can’t find the slide. That’s the wrong slide. $#!* That’s the wrong deck. Sound familiar?  Then you are NOT using an effective presentation management strategy.  And, as a result, you are losing time, resources and, above all, business.  Presentation management ensures that the right message is…

  • Sales EnablementSlidedog

    SlideDog: Present Files Seamlessly

    I’m not sure of any sales professional that hasn’t been stuck in front of a crowd or an important boardroom only to have issues with their presentation working. Slidedog hopes to end this by providing an application that builds your Powerpoints, PDFs, Prezi presentations, movies and even web pages in an offline application that you can even play from a…

  • Content MarketingScreen Shot 2014 10 18 at 11.59.30 PM

    5 Keys to Your Successful Personal Brand

    I had a conversation with one friend today and got an email from another asking my advice on how to build their personal brand… and ultimately profit from it. This may be a topic that’s better answered by friend Dan Schawbel, a personal branding expert… so keep an eye on his blog. I’ll share my thoughts on what I’ve done…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingWeb 2.0 for Business Presentation

    Embracing Web 2.0 in Business: A Personal Journey into the Digital Revolution

    As a professional deeply invested in the dynamic world of sales and marketing, I recently had the opportunity to present on a topic revolutionizing our industry: Web 2.0. Though familiar to many, this concept still holds untapped potential for businesses. Here’s a glimpse into my presentation, highlighting the transformative power of Web 2.0 in the business landscape. My journey with…

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