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  • CRM and Data PlatformsContext and Personalization in the Customer Journey

    The Key to Understanding And Personalizing the Consumer Journey Is Context

    Every marketer knows that understanding consumer needs is critical for business success. Today’s audiences are more conscious about where they shop, partly because they have so many choices available, but also because they want to feel like brands align with their personal values. More than 30% of consumers will quit doing business with a preferred brand after just one bad experience.…

  • Advertising TechnologyDigital Marketing Trends and Predictions

    Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions

    Precautions made by companies during the pandemic significantly disrupted the supply chain, consumer buying behavior, and our associated marketing efforts this last couple of years. In my opinion, the greatest consumer and business changes happened with online shopping, home delivery, and mobile payments. For marketers, we saw a dramatic shift in the return on investment in digital marketing technologies. We…

  • Marketing Infographicsfuture of mobile

    The Future of Mobile

    Every few days, my daughter and I get in an argument over who has the charging cord. I covet my cord and she tends to leave her cord in her car. If our phones are both down to single digit charge percentages… watch out! Our phones have become part of our person. It’s our connective tissue to our friends, our…

  • Marketing ToolsPredictions for 2031 from 2006

    In the Next 25 Years, My Predictions

    It’s fun to think about the future and what it might bring. Here’s a collection of my predictions… Computer monitors will be flexible, light, wide, and inexpensive. Primarily made of plastics, the manufacturing processes will get cheaper and cheaper. The convergence of phones, television, and computing will be largely complete. Cars and airplanes will still run on gas. The United…

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