Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions

Precautions made by companies during the pandemic significantly disrupted the supply chain, consumer buying behavior, and our associated marketing efforts this last couple of years. In my opinion, the greatest consumer and business changes happened with online shopping, home delivery, and mobile payments. For marketers, we saw a dramatic shift in the return on investment in digital marketing technologies. We continue to do more, across more channels and mediums, with less staff – requiring us

The Future of Mobile

Every few days, my daughter and I get in an argument over who has the charging cord. I covet my cord and she tends to leave her cord in her car. If our phones are both down to single digit charge percentages… watch out! Our phones have become part of our person. It’s our connective tissue to our friends, our current memory recorder, our friend that reminds us of what to do next, and even

Goodbye and Good Riddance to Marketing in 2013

Did this year suck for you? It did for me. It was a difficult year as I lost my father, my health suffered, and the business had some terrible lows – including parting with a great friend and colleague. You folks read my blog for marketing information so I don’t want to focus on other issues (although they had a huge impact), I want to speak directly to Marketing and Marketing Technology. Marketing in 2013

Gartner Prediction of Top 10 Technologies for 2011

It’s interesting reading Gartner’s prediction of the top 10 technologies for 2011… and how virtually every single prediction is impacting digital marketing. Even the advancements in storage and hardware are impacting companies’ abilities to interact or share information with customers and prospects faster and more efficiently. Top Ten Technologies for 2011 Cloud Computing – Cloud computing services exist along a spectrum from open public to closed private. The next three years will see the delivery

2010: Filter, Personalize, Optimize

We’re overwhelmed with information from social media, search and our inbox. The volumes continue to rise. I have no less than 100 rules in my inbox to route messages and alerts properly. My calendar synchronizes between my Blackberry, iCal, Google Calendar and Tungle. I have Google Voice to manage business calls, and YouMail to handle direct calls to my phone. Joe Hall wrote today that privacy concerns and use of personalized data by Google could