Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions

Precautions made by companies during the pandemic significantly disrupted the supply chain, consumer buying behavior, and our associated marketing efforts this last couple of years. In my opinion, the greatest consumer and business changes happened with online shopping, home delivery, and mobile payments. For marketers, we saw a dramatic shift in the return on investment in digital marketing technologies. We continue to do more, across more channels and mediums, with less staff – requiring us

Lyris Launches Automated Content Personalization

Lyris has released Lyris Predictive Personalization, a content engine for publishers to combine machine learning with digital messaging automation to deliver contextually personalized content to each individual subscriber. By effectively combining content with audience demographic and behavioral data, Lyris Predictive Personalization increases conversions and advertising revenue by empowering publishers to maximize engagement. Clients are already seeing a 2x to 3x increase in open and click-through rates, 25% to 50% reduction in subscriber churn, and saving