What is Predictive Marketing?

The foundational principals of database marketing are that you can analyze and score a set of prospects based on their similarity to your actual customers. It’s not a new premise; we’ve been utilizing data for a few decades now to do this. However, the process was grueling. We used extract, transformation and load (ETL) tools to pull data from multiple sources to build a centralized resource. That could take weeks to accomplish, and the ongoing

Infer Net New Leads: Identify and Send the Best Leads in Salesforce

Businesses are struggling to interpret mountains of data about their customers and what motivates them. It’s nearly impossible to see the forest from the trees when people are focused on their system of record vs. extracting useful insights from all the signals in disparate systems like Salesforce, Marketo and Google Analytics, as well as unstructured sources from the web. Few companies have the resources or expertise to mine their data and apply analytics that determine