How Predictive Analytics Is Being Utilized In Healthcare Marketing

Effective healthcare marketing is the key to connecting potential patients with the right doctor and facility. Predictive analytics can help marketers reach people so they can get the best care possible. Tools can identify signals that indicate what patients need when they search for medical resources online.  The global predictive analytics in healthcare market was valued at $1.8 billion in 2017 and is estimated to reach $8.5 billion by 2021, growing at a rate of

Enterprises using Social Media To Predict Demand: PepsiCo

Consumer demand today changes faster than ever before. As a result, new product launches are failing at extremely high rates. After all, accurately assessing the market and predicting demand requires terabytes of data, which ranges from point-of-sale numbers, e-commerce transactions, out-of-stock histories, pricing averages, promotional planning, special events, weather patterns, and a many other factors. To add to that, most enterprises continue to ignore the significance of applying online consumer dialogue to predict future purchasing

PaveAI: Someone Finally Found Answers in Google Analytics!

For years we’ve struggled with both clients and professionals making poor decisions based on analytics. There are several shortcomings, especially with Google Analytics, that people aren’t often aware of: Fake Traffic – analytics traffic doesn’t include visits made by bots. The problem is that there are millions of bots out there that obscure their identity as a bot. They visit once for a brief moment, artificially increasing your bounce rates and reducing your time on

4 Ways that Big Data Applications Are Providing Results

According to this infographic from SingleGrain, companies are now collecting over 75,000 data points on a single individual. That’s a lot of data… but is it being utilized? Big data is a new term used to describe the growth and availability of large data sets which, when properly analyzed, can help make better business decisions, such as improving customer relations, developing new products, and enhancing overall business growth. SingleGrain provides 4 Ways that analytics are

Predictive Marketing Analytics with ThinkVine

What would the Return on Investment be if you could change your marketing mix? This is a question that large customers with complex marketing strategies (that are balanced between a multitude of mediums) ask themselves every day. Should we drop radio for online? Should I shift marketing from television to search? What will the impact on my business be if I started marketing online? Typically, the answer comes through a myriad of testing and lost