4 Ways that Big Data Applications Are Providing Results

According to this infographic from SingleGrain, . That’s a lot of data… but is it being utilized? Big data is a new term used to describe the growth and availability of large data sets which, when properly analyzed, can help make better business decisions, such as improving customer relations, developing new products, and enhancing overall business growth. SingleGrain provides 4 Ways that analytics are helping make sense of big data: Descriptive – explaining or describing

Me-Commerce and Retail’s Future

Retail is changing rapidly – both online and offline. Traditionally, retail establishments have always had low profit margins and high volume to produce the business results they needed to survive. We’re seeing rapid turnover in retail nowadays where technology is accelerating growth and increasing efficiency. Retail establishments that aren’t taking advantage are dying… but retailers that are leveraging technology are owning the market. Demographic shifts, the tech revolution, and the consumer demand for more personalized